So after many hours of searching for cheap flights to your next destination, worryingly they’re dam expensive. Fear not, as these few tips may be able to save you a few pounds or dollars that can be spent elsewhere for that all important cold one.

Prices for most airlines go up and down depending on dates, demand and fuel costs. Being ahead of the game and using the below techniques may save you some money if you put in the leg work. See if the below helps on your next adventure whilst travelling the globe.

Boarding plane

Boarding plane

Hide your Ass

Firstly, if you are searching on comparison websites then you should use a VPN to cover your ass. The next best thing is to go Incognito by opening a new window in chrome. This option is located within the options. This will dis-enable cookies used to track your every move online and hide your searches.

Use Budget Airlines

If in Asia, then having an account with Air Asia is a no-brainer. Check out the budget airlines for your location as you will often get great deals direct, and a few loyalty points with the airlines if you have signed up before hand. Check out the T&C’s as this can add up on additional luggage, printing flight tickets and so forth.

Comparison Websites

There are plenty of options out there for comparison websites, and none stand out as the be all and end all…’s not that easy. Your first point of call should be Skyscanner and Kayak.  Here will give you a rough guide to whats on offer. We have used Skyscanner since our days in Cyprus in the early naughties, and they have some great options on their site. When you search for destinations, instead of a set date, choose the whole month to see if there are days of the week when the prices are lower. Wiki has done the leg work for you to find local budget airlines that you can find here.

Change your destination

Sometimes it’s worth checking out flight prices from another country. If you can pick-up a cheap deal to a neighbouring airport/city you may find that you can save money this way. We used this technique in Thailand and saved pounds by flying to Chiang Mai for our onward journey. Worth a check out.

Sign up to Budget Airlines

Stating the obvious but if you have email alerts from the normal array of budget airlines, they could save you money with cheap deals via email. Be sure to check out their sites regularly for when they off-load their deals on specific dates in the future. Savings are to be had and you can pick up return flights to Europe for £20 return. Not to be missed.


Hopefully you may be able to hunt down that cheap airfare to your next destination by using some/all of these tips.

We have used Skyscanner for ever and their site comes highly recommended. It’s a great place to start your search, and will give you an idea of costs for when you’ll be travelling. Moving your dates forward/backwards a week or Two can pay dividends especially around school holidays where prices sly-rocket.

Remember to have appropriate travel insurance to cover all eventualities on your travels. We use World Nomads insurance for all our adventures. You can get a quote on the below link.


Happy & Safe Travels on your Global Gallivants!

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