My makeup always had the genetic traveler within and I’ve been travelling on a journey all my life. The earliest memories are of being selected from my school in 1982 for a youth exchange program to Grenada at 16. This trip also included Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and other Islands around the West Indies.

Cyprus travel

Cyprus travel

Once I began working in my teens it was heading off with my half Cypriot school friend and exploring numerous Greek islands. This evolved to further afield and having adventures at 21 exploring Canada. These included Toronto, Quebec, Ottawa and Montreal.

Once paired up with the better half of Global Gallivants in 1993, we explored more of the globe with visits to Kenya in Africa, the Dominican Republic and further destinations worldwide.  More Greek Islands followed along with numerous trips to Cyprus in the 90’s. We liked it so much we eventually lived there for nearly 3 years pre Euro days between 2001 – 2003 whilst on sabbaticals from our careers.

Travelling Thailand Railay beach Global Gallivants

Travelling Thailand Railay beach Global Gallivants

In 2003 we headed to the States en-route to Panama and Bocas Del Toro Islands on a whim of buying Land. We eventually returned to the USA and settled in Cocoa Beach for a few months. We rented an apartment at 333 by the sea in Cocoa, it was an amazing place to hang out and have great memories.

Bocas Del Toro - an island paradise

Bocas Del Toro – an island paradise

Heading back to the UK, we then ventured out to Mallorca in Spain in 2004 to buy a business. We bought an Italian Gellateria and did this for over 2 years. Again returning to the UK once more, we settled back into our careers and worked in the NHS.

Global Gallivants travelling around the world

Global Gallivants travelling around the world

During this time we have enjoyed numerous trips to India, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia. After falling in love with South Goa in Southern India, we are taking the plunge and taking a new course in life. We plan on travelling for 3-5 years using this area as a base as we embark on a journey of worldwide adventure.

Travelling India - Palolem beach South Goa

Travelling India – Palolem beach South Goa

Travelling Plans for 2018/2019

Firstly we will relocate down to the South Coast of the UK in Devon. We’ve had numerous scouting visits through Cornwall and Devon in 2017 house hunting. If all goes to plan we aim to set off and follow our dreams of adventure in October/November 2018.

Our future plans are to travel the world for 3-5 years. This will include various destinations in North and South India, Nepal, Vietnam, the Philippines and more of Thailand.  We also to have to fit in the Camino de Santiago somewhere from France to Spain.

Our plans will also take us through China and more of Malaysia and Indonesia, eventually heading on our way to exploring Australia and New Zealand. I’m hoping to go through Hawaii on our way back to the United States, and finally get to do our dream of Santa Monica to Chicago on route 66.

Global Gallivants travel Devon UK

Global Gallivants travel Devon UK

My father had travelled from Scotland down to London at age 25 in the 1950’s. From working down the coal mines in Kirkcaldy, Fife during the war, he also dreamt of escape. They needed coal more than soldiers so he was forced to stay. With his best friend Joe by his side, they were to travel to Canada for a new life. To escape after the hardships of the times.

This didn’t happen as he met my Mother and stayed in London. His friend ventured on to a new life in Canada. On the boat journey to Toronto, he met his new wife on board.

My Father sadly passed away at the age of 90 in February this year. I will continue the journey he never made with him in my heart.

James Breslin 1927 - 2017

James Breslin 1927 – 2017

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