Surviving lock-down

Well we’re surviving lock-down but it seems an age since we arrived back in the UK from India. Being on lock down has been an experience none of us has ever endured in our lives. I’m sure it’s not only us who feel we’re on an endless roundabout of deja vu for most of the last 10 weeks.

We arrived back late April not knowing what awaited us on our return and for nearly 3 months have been in-doors with the TV and my guitar for company. With only the odd excursion outside for walks to the local shops, things are definitely moving along slowly. With nothing open, at least we haven’t been on an orgy of spending.

Travel update

We’ve been looking at the updates on the current situation and with a few countries now opening it’s borders, we’re hoping that a return to normal is around the corner, but time will tell.

surviving lockdown time to escape
surviving lock-down Time to escape

With things looking up, we’ve browsed at flights back to India later this year. We found and booked for late October one-way to Mumbai. These are with Virgin out of Heathrow and are flexible and can be changed, cancelled or both into 2021. Fingers crossed we can escape once more and to return to our apartment in Patnem in South Goa for November.

We can’t wait knowing that we’ll have 5-6 months of sunny weather ahead. We’ll be able to continue with our travel plans into next year. Unlike the UK, our first weeks here were bright and sunny but it’s now been a month of bad weather. Overcast and rainy days. We do love a UK summer.

surviving lock-down - need this in my life - view of Palolem beach sunset
surviving lock-down – need this in my life

With not much else to report on surviving lock-down, we’ll update again once something happens of some substance.

Until then Happy Lock-down

Travel Insurance

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Happy & safe travels on your Global Gallivants

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  1. Gilda Baxter

    What a strange year we all had. Such a shame you did not make it to India, but fingers crossed 2021 will be a much better year for us all and we will be able to resume our travels. Keep safe ????

    • gallivantsjournal

      Hi Gilda, It’s definitely has been. We was just getting ready to head off from India to Vietnam in March, and Bam, lockdown. We was then on a repat flight back to the UK as couldn’t go anywhere else. Fingers crossed for 2021, but IMO it’s gonna be a slow process to get back to normal. Time will tell, stay safe until then

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