Siem Reap with it’s International airport is based 6 km from the town centre. This is the tourist hub for the thousands of visitors who’s sole purpose is to visit Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples. $5-6 dollars should cover the journey, but if you want to take a pleasant scenic ride, organise a Tuk Tuk pick up from the airport for a leisurely cruise into town.

our chariot awaits

Our chariot awaits – Siem Reap Airport Cambodia

The 6km journey from the airport takes about 20 minutes to Siem Reap town where you will find plenty of options of accommodation based around Kings Road and Pub street. This can be your bog standard hostel to higher end boutique hotels that are priced from $10-30 dollars per night and won’t break the bank. The only decision that you will make will be “does it have a pool”?  After 6-8 hours of traipsing around temples, it will feel refreshing with a cold beer rest assured.

Pub Street Siem Reap Cambodia

Pub Street Siem Reap Cambodia

The main action is around Pub street and Kings Road, and if you like loud music then this will be right down your street. At either end and the surrounding  streets  you will be able to find quiet coffee shops, bars and eateries. Along with your usual hawker stalls, small markets will be selling everything you can think of and are in abundance  scattered around. If you’re after gifts or presents, you have plenty of choice.

As my normal quest is to find the cheapest beer in the area, Angkor draught is everywhere at around $0.50 per glass – happy days. Anything more is too much.

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Free WiFi – and $0.50 cent beers – Heaven @ Siem Reap

Getting Around

Pub street must have more Tuk Tuk drivers than the whole of South East Asia. You will barely make it more than a few feet without hearing of their availability. After 10 minutes of a leisurely night stroll we must of been asked 50 times, and then on the way back the same again. If I needed one I would ask. It’s a very competitive market because of this so most local journeys will be no more than $2-3 dollars. Always ask the price of your intended destination – better to be safe than sorry after all.

If you require information of tours around Angkor then take a look Here.

Red Piano Bar Siem Reap Cambodia

Red Piano Bar Siem Reap Cambodia

We stayed just over the bridge at Kings Road about a 15 minute walk into town. The temples of Angkor in April really take their toll throughout the day with the heat. We only strolled into the centre twice in the 4 days of our temple trawling. It’s a pleasant enough town with friendly locals from what we saw. The selection of food on offer in the restaurants really are out of this world and fairly priced. With options to cater for all tastes it made for a great place to people watch. And being set along the Siem Reap river some have elevated balconies overlooking the action below.

Kings Road Siem Reap

Kings Road Siem Reap

Onward Travel

Siem Reap is mainly a tourist hub for Angkor, and there are plenty of options for onward travel. From cheap minibuses to Phnom Penh, and buses through to Thailand and also Vietnam. Check prices with local agents that are scattered around and grab a bargain.

We usually fly and you can check out Skyscanner for cheap deals for onward flights. Air Asia usually offers cheap flight deals and are worth checking out. You can grab a bargain from Bangkok Thailand for £20 one-way.

Happy travels on your Global Gallivants!

Remember to have appropriate travel insurance to cover all eventualities on your travels. We use World Nomads insurance for all our adventures.