The countdown begins for a sustainable life of travel and full-time adventurers. We have finally arrived at a decision closely resembling jumping feet first into the abyss, and have definitive plans on selling up our current property later this year.  We will then be relocating and purchasing another property on the south coast of the UK. This is with the sole intention of renting out the property that will sustain and fund our travels for the next few years (at least 5). Being based on the south coast of Devon in the UK ticks all the boxes for a great location to eventually return and live in.

Brixham harbour houses Devon

Base in South Goa India

All going to plan, we should be in South Goa from October 2018 as our long term base for an initial stay of 6 months. We have had numerous scouting adventures there and can’t fault South Goa as an ideal location. It acts as a great base to plan for other journeys across India that you can also read here..

With the introduction of the 5 year visa for British nationals it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of. Not only will this save you time and money to enter India, but opens up endless possibilities of sustainable travel throughout south-east Asia. With flights from Mumbai to Bangkok from as little as £75 one way, the worlds your oyster. With Air Asia’s cheap flights to hundreds of destinations across Asia, it ticks all the boxes.

fishing boat at Patnem beach South Goa

Our Adventure 

Our future plans include further adventures in India and finally visiting Nepal. Vietnam has been on our list forever and so has China. We also have lots of destinations to explore across Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand,  especially Koh Chang and it’s surrounding islands. If you’re looking for information about this destination then look no further than to visit that’s the definitive guide to everything about this great island and it’s surroundings. If  everything works out we have promised ourselves it’s our first point of call once in the land of smiles. It’s been on my list forever and is top of the agenda.  It’s owner also has a great name, though reading recent reports, we’re close to extinction namesake 🙂

Palolem beach from Chaska restaurant

We’re hoping with our own experiences and endeavors we’ll be in a position to give our advice to other like minded  travel enthusiasts. If your thinking of taking steps to a new life on the road of adventures then bookmark our page. We aim to give you an insight of what’s ahead with regular updates on our adventures to make the dream into reality… this space for future updates.

Sunset Goa - Plans for a sustainable life of travel

Sunset Goa – Plans for a sustainable life of travel

Safe travels are top of our list during this adventure and we will be taking out travel insurance to cover all eventualities during our time on the road. Check out World Nomads below for a quote for your upcoming travels.

Happy & safe travels on your Global Gallivants!

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