We strolled along the river front to Kong Ka Pier to organise a quick trip to Koh Lanta. We’d been pretty busy in and around Krabi Town, from completing the Tiger Temple’s 1237 mountainous steps, to the Kaewkorawaram Temple.

Kong Ka Pier Pak Nam river Krabi Thailand

Kong Ka Pier Krabi Thailand

In my quest to find the cheapest large Singha in town, I had probably navigated every street in Krabi Town. We were due a rest, as we’d put in the miles to feast at numerous hawker stalls all over Town.

Street cooking Krabi Town

Street cooking Krabi Town

Getting to Koh Lanta

It was time to chill and give our legs a breather, and Koh Lanta had been bouncing around as an idea for a while. We had already sleuthed around the touts for a rough price of 300 Baht to the island, we negotiated with an agent at the pier. They immediately wanted 400 each way (he had no chance). We organised a price with taxis to and from Lanta Pier to our resort, a 1 night stay at the Blue Andaman beach hotel based at Klong Khong beach, and return boat transfers. This came in at £38 for the two of us, which I was happy with for a chill out splurge.

Blue Andaman Resort

Blue Andaman Resort

We had a pool-side air-con bungalow, and could easily have stayed a year week to explore all over Koh Lanta. It has a relaxed charm about it from what we could see in the short time there. A worth while return journey of our mini adventure, as will definitely be on the “possible long term destination list.

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Sunset at Klong Khong Beach

Remember to have some small denomination baht for your arrival at Koh Lanta. There there is a small donation on entry of 10 Baht.


Blue Andaman Resort Koh Lanta

Blue Andaman Resort Koh Lanta

Onward Travel Links

Boats to Phuket, the Phi Phi islands and Railay can all be arranged whilst in the area. Barter hard as all prices are negotiable so don’t take the first offer.

flights from Krabi to Phuket, Koh Samui and Bangkok can be had for very little, so check out Air Asia for connecting flights.

If you’re based around Krabi town, then check out this Post on the Tiger cave temple.


Happy travels on your Global Gallivants!


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