Beautiful Koh Samui has a relaxed and laid back vibe, especially in Lamai based on the East coast of this idyllic island. If you are in Bangkok then return flights are around £100 pounds from Suvarnabhumi airport to Koh Samui. The flight duration takes just over an hour.

You will find plenty of trips and attractions to keep you busy during you stay. The most popular being Big Budda, Wat Plai Laem and the Hin Ta and Hin Yai rock formations . There are also numerous beaches for you to find and explore.

Wat Plai Laem

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Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion

Wat Plai Laem is located at the North East end of the island and is a beautiful expression of Thai and Chinese Buddhist beliefs. From the 18-arm image of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, to the smiling Buddha it’s worth a visit.


The Smiling Buddha

With free admission, remember to bring water for a leisurely stroll around the site, which is set in a tranquil and serene environment surrounded by lakes with ornate architecture and great photograph opportunities.

temple Koh samui

temple Koh samui


Hin Ta and Hin Yai rock formations

Located just outside Lamai, a short walk of 15 minutes will bring you the famous rock formations Hin Ta & Hin Yai. Also known as Grandpa and Grandma rocks, The formations look like the male and female nether regions. The rocks are close to each other, and the legend was born.

Hin Yai Lamai Koh Samui

Hin Yai Lamai Koh Samui

Hin Ta - Lamai - Koh Samui

Hin Ta – Lamai – Koh Samui

Onward Travel

You can catch boats to Koh Phangan for the full moon party if you’re visiting at the right time of the month. To source cheap flights go through Skyscanner for onward travel from Koh Samui. All major destinations are available from it’s international airport.

Happy travels on your Global Gallivants!