So after 2 months of taking it very easy around the beaches of South Goa, we managed to get our arses into gear and head off on an excursion into the neighbouring state to Goa, Karnataka. We planned on visiting a few sites & beaches around Gokarna town for a few days of adventure to see what’s on offer.

Goa to Gokarna Karnataka State

Goa to Gokarna Karnataka State railway ticket

We started our journey from Patnem South Goa with a quick Tuk Tuk ride to Canacona train station on the outskirts of Chaudi town. We paid the fare of ₹0.50 (0.55p)for the 2 of us for the journey of nearly Two hours. The connection took us to Gokarna Road train station 90 km away. Another Tuk Tuk journey for ₹200 got us into Gokarna town and down to the main beach area. We traipsed around for a good hour looking for somewhere suitable to stay. We eventually came upon one within budget called Nimmu hotel & rooftop restaurant. 

Nimmu hotel restaurant view Gokarna town Karnataka

Main Beach

We initially booked the hotel for 2 nights but ended up with a 4 night stay. We couldn’t find anything else in budget or worth the money. It’s location was perfect, and had great views from it’s 3rd floor terrace restaurant through palm tree’s out to the Arabian sea.

The main beach of the town stretches for what looks like miles, with a scattering of restaurants and accommodation along from the entrance to the beach. There are no sunbeds or tables directly on the beach in the area. This makes it so different from Goa and sun-lounger city crammed next to each other in certain resorts.

Main beach Gokarna Town Karnataka

Om Beach & Half Moon beach

We caught a Tuk Tuk to visit Om Beach around 7 km from Gokarna main beach for ₹100. The entrance steps of which there are many down to the beach safely navigated, we wandered around & explored. and we eventually headed up and over the headland to half moon beach. Some parts of which cut through over the headland and are right on the edge of the cliffs. If you don’t have a good head for heights I would suggest you find an alternative route or catch the boat back around to Om beach.

Om beach Gokarna Karnataka India
The trek to Half moon beach from Om beach Gokarna Karnataka

Half Moon beach is small with a few restaurants and some basic accommodation set behind. Very peaceful, if you’re after getting away from it all then this is the place for you. We looked for a way out instead of retracing our steps over the headland that takes around 30 minutes but to no avail. We was told there was a path through the jungle to a road but couldn’t find it. In 36 degrees the boat option for the return to Om beach was more favourable.

Half Moon Beach Gokarna KArnataka

Kudle beach

Kudle beach is accessed down a pathway, then down some rugged stone steps. If you’re not steady on you’re feet then it could be a problem. It takes around 10 minutes from the top to get to the beach. There’s plenty of restaurants and accommodation options once there, and it looks great at night when lit up. It’s also very clean and a relaxed atmosphere adds to it charm. Again, no sunbeds or tables & chairs on the beach, so bring your own towel for catching the rays.

Kudle Beach Gokarna Karnataka

For the costs involved, it’s well worth a visit to Gokarna, with great beaches on your doorstep. It also has a completely different feel & vibe to Goa. There’s plenty of options for accommodation for all budgets in all the area’s listed. Being India, there’s plenty of food options at very good prices on your doorstep.

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