Galgibag, Talpona and Rajbag beaches are found a short ride outside of the town of Chaudi in South Goa India. Follow the Chaudi road along from Rajbag, and look out for the sign through to Talpona. The journey is a pleasant scooter ride along a decent road that passes though a few small villages. Alternatively you can take the new highway to Galgibag that now only takes 10 minutes.

Directions to Galgibag Talpona and Rajbag

Rajbag Beach

Rajbag beach looking towards Patnem

The Area of Rajbag is home to the La Lalit hotel & golf course & Spa, and a secluded beach. This can be found at the end of the Patnem/Chaudi road before heading under the new route 66 highway through to Karnataka. There’s a few restaurants and shops but not much else. It’s very quiet & the beach deserted with the odd sunbather. You can also reach it from Patnem beach either over the rocks, or walk round if the tide is out.

Talpona Beach

To reach Talpona beach, you can cut through over the Sadolxem Bridge, located just before you hit Chaudi town. This takes around 15 minutes on a scooter and some of the views are breathtaking overlooking the bay. You’ll miss these if you take the new highway.

Sadolxem bridge to Talpona

Across the bridge and running alongside the Talpon river, the road brings you to Talpona. Once you hit a few eateries and bars, there’s a turning that leads to the Jetty. Here you can look back across to Rajbag beach. There isn’t much else here apart from this. Alternatively you can catch a local fishing boat across for ₹0.50

Talpona Jetty Canacona South Goa India

With only a few beach shacks, restaurants and a hotel, this South Goa destination is very quiet, and not touched by the evil commercialisation of some of the larger resorts. The crescent shaped beach is quite long and has local fishing boats moored there through the day.

Talpona fish thali

You will not find beach bars pumping out old classics but peace and quiet at the top of the agenda. Remember to bring your own towels and sunscreen and enjoy it’s serenity. If not near a restaurant, a supply of water is a must.

Restaurant at Talpona beach

Galgibag Beach

Follow the road through from Talpona and take a right up the slip-road before you go under the new highway. This then brings you through to Galgibag along the beach road & parallel with the new route 66 highway. There are 2 beach side restaurants and bars. If you’re feeling adventurous follow this road though to Poinguinim village where you can stock up on more water.

Following the highway also brings you down through to Polem beach, situated just before the state border of Karnataka. If you continue along this road it will bring you to Karwar and the Kali river crossing.

Galgibag Beach South Goa

Onward Travel

These locations are around 30 minutes from Patnem and Palolem and is best accessed by scooter. You can source one locally for 350-400 rupees or less if you hire one for a few days. Being mobile you will be able to visit some other local attractions like Agonda, Cola Beach and Cabo de Rama Fort. These are all within a 30-40 minute drive from Palolem and Patnem and well worth visiting.

Galgibag Talpona and Rajbag map

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