With Covid 19 travel disruptions on the rise, unless you’ve been living under a rock for 4 months, then this infection is going to have a major impact on your travel plans. With Hotels and flights being cancelled, and Countries going into lock-down and their borders being closed off by the hour, things will probably get worse before they’re better.

Covid 19 Travel disruptions

We’re currently in South Goa on our 5 year visa with a max stay of 180 days. This takes us up to the beginning of May, but the Indian government will extend this for a small fee. Today there’s now news of no European flights out of India. With other destinations being added and suspended daily for the foreseeable future, it’s not a good time.

 Covid 19 Travel disruptions
Covid 19 Travel disruptions – where does it leave you

We had planned on visiting Mumbai and Aurangabad late March with a connecting flight from Delhi to Hanoi, Vietnam. After receiving emails from Booking.com cancelling our hotel in Mumbai we expected the worst. They now don’t want any foreigners in them, as they are the greater risk. This was followed up with Vietnam cancelling all Visa’s on arrival. So we’ve no choice of putting our 2 months plan of visiting here on hold. We also had a connecting flight booked to Singapore at the end of June.

What’s next for Traveller’s

Having read and hearing stories of fellow travellers woes, we’re staying in India for the time being until things change. With a population of 1.4 Billion and only 125 cases so far, it seems India is a far safer location. If Travelling by flight, train or bus with the chance of infection and being put in quarantine for 14 days, then this isn’t an option we would put ourselves through.

Hopefully this blows over in a few months and we can still hit Indonesia in June and July. We’re hopeful we can make our way through Malaysia and Thailand to hit Nepal in September. Fingers crossed. At least we still have our freedom.

Staying safe is probably the best advice for all of you on your travels. Try and limit yourself of contamination by not being in crowded places, especially in transit if that’s an option for you. Many cases are of infected people who travelled by plane and passed the corona virus on via this route. Think before you travel by any means.

Travel Insurance

Remember to have appropriate travel insurance to cover all eventualities on your travels. We use World Nomads insurance for all our adventures. Check out a quote for your travels below.

Happy & safe travels on your Global Gallivants

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