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Future Plans for a sustainable life of travel

We will soon be on our journey of travelling the globe full time. You can follow our journey of wanderlust as we visit countries in and around South-East Asia HERE. We aim to update our pages regularly so watch this space.

Our initial plans for a sustainable life of travel include 6 months touring through India, including Dharamshala, Amritsar, Agra and Jaipur. We also aim to cover the South including Alleppy, Kochi and Kerala.

After India we will then be heading off towards Thailand and Bangkok, including some more Islands. We will then island hop through Koh Chang to Phu Quoc in Vietnam. We then aim to make our way up through Ho Chi Minh City and to Hanoi and Halong Bay.

Halong Bay Vietnam

Halong Bay Vietnam

Depending on time, we then will make our way back to Thailand, and through Nepal and back into Northern India to cross a few more places off our list. Well that’s the first year out of the way.

We will of course be updating our blog as we travel so please bookmark our page or follow us on Facebook!

Patnem beach South Goa

Patnem beach South Goa

We will be basing ourselves in South Goa, India where we have sourced various locations to settle that you can find information on HERE. If all goes to plan this year, we will be applying for our new India 5 year visas around September 2018. We aim to be in Goa by late October/November – fingers crossed.

Our 2nd year of travels will include the Anderman islands in the Bay of Bengal, and crossing through Southern Thailand into more of Malaysia & Indonesia. If this all works out, we hope to get to Australia and New Zealand by 2020.