Back to South Goa India

Finally the journey continues and we’ve arrived back to South Goa India. 

It’s been a long wait, and seems an eternity ago since we left India on a repatriation flight back to the UK in April 2020. No one knew what was ahead then, especially us and having to cut our travel plans short.

Travel Plans

We were at the beginning of our travels for 3-5 years, using South Goa as a base, while renting out our home in Devon. Our travel plans included touring through India, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia. We then would start heading back through Thailand, Nepal, and finally back into North India. Not a bad itinerary for the first year away. This was cut short before we left India after 6 months, and is still fresh in our memories. Dam you Covid 19.

After 30 months, and with our 5 year paper visa’s finally re-instated this year in May, we booked return flights with Air India. We jumped in quickly before the stampede began in early June. We got them at a great price direct from Heathrow to Dabolim in Goa.

Patnem beach view from Colomb Bay South Goa India

Our second home

It’s great to finally get on the road again, and we’re so pleased to be back at our base in Patnem, South Goa, India once more. We’ve settled into our old apartment, where our gear was stored with our landlord during this time.

After getting our washing done, and a few visits to the singing dentist in Palolem, the first 10 days have flown by. We’re just getting into a relaxed daily schedule, and our sleeping is now on Goa time.

I’m pleased to report that everyone we left behind are safe and well. It was great to see the many local people we know, many with small businesses were all ok. It must have been a difficult time for them all, as they rely on tourism in South Goa. 

Raj's spice & gift shop Patnem South Goa India

Raj’s spice & gift shop Patnem beach road South Goa India

We’ve never been to India in October before, and it’s still hot and sticky with high humidity. With scorching temperatures in the 30’s, we can’t wait until they decline to the high 20’s, with strong breezes coming in off the Arabian seas. 

Travel Blog

Our blog is now back up and running after being parked during the last couple of years. We’ll be updating it as we travel to further destinations around India, along with a quick overhaul of the site. 

Future plans

We’re just putting together an itinerary to knock off some of the places we had planned on visiting previously. Starting from Mumbai, we hope to hit Aurangabad to see the Ellora and Ajanta caves , before heading to Rajasthan, visiting Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaipur. It’s then on to New Delhi, and up to Amritsar and the Wagar border with Pakistan. Then the long way down to Agra,  onto Lucknow, Varanasi, Kolkata, Chennai and lastly Pondicherry. It’s then back to Goa for Christmas and new year. 

Palolem sunset and monkey island South Goa

Arabian sea sunset at Palolem South Goa India

January we’re planning on going south to Kerala, before finally visiting Hampi. We’ll  need a rest after all of that, so it’s then time to chill again in Goa, before heading back to the UK at the end of March.

Stay tuned for updates and more posts.

Our greengrocer at Patnem beach road, South Goa India

Travel Insurance

Remember to have appropriate travel insurance to cover all eventualities on your travels. We use World Nomads insurance for all our adventures. Check out a quote for your travels below.

Happy & safe travels on your Global Gallivants

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  1. Daniel

    Glad to see you’re back in india. We met you one afternoon in Om Shanti (January 2020). We are back in Goa and at Om Shanti from 10th January for 10 days after our trip to mumbai – varanasi – Kolkata – jaipur. Hopefully bump into you again. Have an amazing trip. Daniel and Chris

    • gallivantsjournal

      Hi Guys, yes remember you two, glad you’re making the leap and heading out again, we should be back from Kerala in January, sure we’ll bump into at Om Shanti. Safe travels, we’re heading off on a five week tour of the North in a few weeks, be sure to follow us, you may add on a few more places.
      Be safe, catch you then

      • Daniel

        Great stuff. Have a great time! Look forward to following your travels.

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