Greetings and welcome to our blog and a little information about us. We are Ian & Chris of Global Gallivants. Thanks for stopping by.

We have been travelling for over 30 years around the globe, from living in Cyprus for 3 years, to running a business in Majorca in the Balearic’s. We had a spell living in the States & also venturing around Panama and it’s islands on a whim of buying beach-front land.

With this past experience we hope we can pass on our knowledge of sustainable travel on a budget, and enlighten you through our journal of wanderlust, as there’s a whole lot of world out there that’s on our bucket list unexplored.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for destinations, then check out our travel inspiration page.

Travel plans - Global Gallivants
Global Gallivants About Us

About Us & Current plans and goals

Our current plan is to travel the world for 3-5 years. We’re at the beginning of our journey, and have various locations in North and South India, Nepal, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and more of Thailand to explore.

We’ve initially set up base in Patnem in South Goa India for the first 5 months. We have explored on a few side trips, one on a road trip from South Goa to North Goa. We have also travelled by train into Karnataka state for a few escapades, and a trip to the Muradeshwar temple.

About Us - travelling South Goa India
South Goa Sunset Patnem India

Up Next

We’re just finalising some minor tweaks to our plans and preparations, and then it’s 6 months of chasing our dreams. First stop on the journey ahead is a few days exploring Mumbai, then it’s onto Aurangabad for a couple of days to visit the Ellora & Ajanta caves. We then fly to Delhi for a connecting flight & set off to Vietnam in April for 2 months. 

We can’t wait as we’ve never visited before. We’ll be heading into Hanoi for 5 days, a jaunt to Ha Long Bay & Cat Ba Island, then working our way down through Hue, Danang and Hoi An. We eventually end in Ho Chi Minh for a flight over to Singapore for 6 days. It’s then a quick jaunt over to Bali for a further 2 months until August.

Homeward Bound

We then plan on returning to our base in South Goa through Nepal and Northern India in October 2020. Finally back in Goa around November. That’s year one complete but it doesn’t stop there. We then have Hampi to check out once we return and then more of Southern India down to Kerala. 

South Goa India Namaste

More info About Us & our travel plans

Our next plans for 2021 will take us through Malaysia and Indonesia, eventually heading on our way to exploring Australia and New Zealand. It’s exciting times for both of us and we will endeavour to update our site with photo/video blogs along the way.

Please feel free to leave any comments you wish that will enhance our blog and aim to reply asap. We would also appreciate any likes on our social media, so don’t be shy and give us a click.

Happy Travels on your Global Gallivants : )

Travel Insurance

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