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Location independence for £400 a month in Goa

There are numerous countries around the globe that you could base yourself to live an independent lifestyle. We have travelled extensively to find a location that’s affordable, safe and above all, value for money, and believe that Goa could fulfil this ambition, especially South Goa towards the area of Palolem and Patnem, and located one hour and 30 minutes from Dabolin airport. Continue reading

Bangkok China Town

Bangkok – The hustle & bustle of China town makes for an entertaining evening, with plenty of street food kiosks plying their trade along the main street. An endless stream of heaving foot traffic effortlessly merges with the seller’s stalls, tables and chairs that spill over into the road, and ends up as looking like a street party. Working out what and who belongs to what street food kiosk is a game played by all. Continue reading

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