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Patnem beach fishing boat

Patnem beach located in South Goa has a ring of familiarity to us as we have visited and stayed around this area on numerous occasions.

If you’re into quiet days at the beach, then this location is ideal to soak up some rays, enjoy a cold one or two, a spot of lunch and a couple of hours of peaceful reading without any hassles, then this is the place to do it. If you don’t over indulge then a budget of 500 rupees (£5) for the whole day here goes a long way.

Located a short walk from the main stay Palolem, Patnem is the smaller sister and a much quieter proposition. With golden sands, and a small fishing hub, accommodation consists of beach shacks from a budget £4-5 a night to a more higher end of around £20 a night.

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Hare Rama beach bar Patnem beach South Goa

From the main drag, the beach road leads you through down to the coast, where there are plenty of local shops and businesses offering services from a shave from 50 rupees, to picking up some spices to ornaments and gifts, and a money exchange/internet cafe right at the beach entrance. There is also a supermarket here selling everything you can think of. From here you can rent scooters from 250 rupees for a day, and obtain fuel from around 70 rupees just up the road or enjoy free sunbeds and a drink at the numerous beach shacks dotted along the shoreline.

Rajs spice shop

Rajs spice shop

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Locals shopping










Patnem chai shop

Patnem chai shop

Another haunt for long termers is the Patnem Chai shop, open from around 6am, here you can have breakfast of Dahl curry and a fresh bread roll and a Chai tea from 28 rupees (28p) or if you prefer, 4 egg rolls and 2 English teas and a take away lunch of samosa’s and banana breads for about £1.20. A great start to any day of the week, and just opposite the bus stop into Chaudi or Margao.

Patnem beach

Patnem beach fishing boats and view of Galgibaga

Sunset Patnem Beach

Sunset Patnem Beach South Goa

If sunsets are your thing, then there is no better place to be sipping a cold large kingfisher for 80 rupees and watching the sunset and another day roll by. Most of the beach shacks then pack up the sunbeds and get ready for the evening, with dinners served on the beach of fresh BBQ’s, crab, fish or your staple Goan curry.