Palolem is located around one and a half hours by Taxi from Goa’s Dabolim airport, and is South Goa’s most popular boutique beach destination.

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Palolem Beach North End

Made even more famous by Matt Damon in the 2004 film The Bourne Supremacy, where the location was used in the opening of the movie, and a car chase through some of it’s streets.

Palolem has lots to offer on the accommodation front, with beach shacks to be had from 700 rupees through to the top end of 3000 rupees. With plenty of restaurants to choose from , and live music nights and a vibrant party scene, the entertainment should cater for most needs. And you have this all on your doorstep on a palm fringed lined beach with glorious white sand.

This obviously attracts Hawkers, beggars, and sellers which can become overwhelming when you’re just out for a stroll, and spoils what is a very nice beach resort. Beach shacks and guest houses are at an abundance, and can be bartered for through most of the season, but be warned of rising prices, especially through December and January when it’s peak season, and costs sky rocket for accommodation, so best to sort that out before hand if that’s when you intend to arrive.

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Don’t mind if I do – another sunset drink

Towards the Southern end of the beach, it quietens down to a more tranquil location, with not so many seller’s and annoyances and a more laid back feel away from the high end and more expensive restaurants. Here you can cut through to the back road styled village location of Ourem, where we stayed on our last visit for 10 days.

We ended up in a great guest house called Hilias retreat, for 1000 rupees a night (£10) and was a great find, with the owner Victor giving any visitor a warm welcome and plenty of tips of what’s happening around, and organising cheap taxi’s if required. Well worth a visit, and a notch up from your basic beach shacks.


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Hilias Retreat Ourem

We really enjoyed our stay here and will definitely be returning, and being based just behind the beach, a great location to head off to near by Colomb Bay and Patnem Beach across the shortcut through and over the Southern end Rock face.

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Spice Shop Palolem

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The Bar Guys from Sea & waves Palolem


Mr DVD by day, Mr Gadget by night







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Sunset Palolem

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Hand-crafted wooden Fruit Bowl

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Coaster 180 rupees Palolem