Palolem Chai Shop South Goa

A warm welcome will greet you as you enter Palolem Chai shop. A visit here should definitely include a tea at Mr Babu’s street food stall. Especially if you’re on a budget and trying to save a few rupee’s, and I for one can vouch for his impressive “sexy chai” as he has aptly named it, and at 10 rupees it’s a steal.

Palolem Chai Shop - Mr Babu's

Palolem Chai Shop – Mr Babu’s

Palolem Chai Shop

Not only does Mr Babu serve up the best Chai around, but he also conjurs up one of the best Omelette and spicy salad rolls around, all for the princely sum of 30 rupees. You can’t go wrong with these prices, and you also get to meet some very interesting people. He’s always busy between 7am – 1pm with many locals from lifeguards to the local constabulary queuing to buy from his food stall, always a good sign.

Palolem beach

The limited but very tasty array of lunchtime treats come highly recommended. He will also teach you a few choice words to try out in the local Konkani language. This always brings a smile to any of the locals you try it out on. Be sure to pay him a visit  if in the vicinity, even if it’s just for a chai, you wont be disappointed.

Palolem Chai Shop - Mr Babu's

Palolem Chai Shop – Mr Babu’s

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  1. Alessandra

    Thank you so much for this great recommendation. We had „sexy chai“ at Mr. Babu‘s every morning during our 1-week stay in Palolem and it was our favourite ritual of the day. Best chai, incredibly friendly and cheerful man who hugged us goodbye as if we’re old friends. Of everything in Goa, we’ll miss Mr. Babu‘s most.

    • gallivantsjournal

      So glad you enjoyed it, we’re in Goa now and have his Masala omelette with spicy salad roll when we pass by for only 30 rupees

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