Nusa Dua is situated in South-East Bali, Indonesia and takes it name from Two small islands. This area is home to some of the worlds top end 5 star hotels including the Grand Hyatt and St Regis, and with this exclusivity and their secluded beaches, are priced accordingly and runs into thousands for a 2 week stay.

The village outside the complex is deserted, with a few cafes and eateries and the normal array of beggars. Once through the gates and security checks onto the tourist complex of these luxury hotels and beaches, the pleasant surroundings and tree lined access roads will give you a few hours along beach-side paved walkways and paths to various points of interest within.

Nusa Dua complex Bali

Set amongst the grounds are plenty of temples, museums and eateries and also beach-side cafes, and a few beaches to enjoy. The main attraction being Water blow, where the powerful ocean tides meet limestone cliffs and reefs, forcing waves up to 30 metres high to hit the skies.  There is a view-point and walkway so look out for the signs.

Water Blow Nusa Dua Bali

Water Blow Nusa Dua Bali

If walking is your thing, then the complex should give you 2-3 hours of exploration around various monuments, statues and the gardens and beaches which should keep you amused. We ventured outside for an hour for a cheap coffee and wifi, and were the only ones based out side in the small town along the main road leading to the security entrance.

Krishna & Arjuna monument Nusa Dua Bali

We were planning on staying just outside the complex for 3-4 days, but opted to head to Kuta early, as once explored, there isn’t that much apart from the 5 star hotels and beaches to keep you interested once you have seen the main attractions.

Nusa Gede Island

Krishna & Arjuna statue


Pantai Geder beach