Good news if you’re a regular visitor to India, as a new 5 year visa is now available to residents of the UK.
If your stay is 60 days or less then you have the cheaper option of the E-visa costing $75 plus small admin fee. This can be applied for up to 120 days before your arrival and applied for online here.


The E-visa has been updated and has a 60 day option. This can be applied for twice in a Calendar year (January – December) and cannot be extended. It also entitles double entry.

The new 5 year visa costs £310 which if used regularly, will save you in the region of £240 over that time period. You are also then exempt from any rising costs over the same period. Happy days.

There is a 180 day limit to the 5 year visa. A quick departure to another country like Nepal or Pakistan for a few days will be required. If you’re like many visitors who arrive around October to April to escape the UK winter, then this will definitely make life easier. It will involve less hassle each year and no reason to return to the UK to renew.

To apply for the 5 year visa/ tourist visa and instructions then visit the official site for VFS Global  here.

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