Mount Batur is located in the North-East of Bali in an area collectively called Kintamani. The small villages of Batur, Kintamani and Penelokan are based at the large basin-shaped crater rim of Batur, and another village Toyo Bungkah based at the lakes edge.This area is very traditional Balinese and the utmost respect should be shown to the locals, which means dressing and acting appropriate.

Popular with trekkers, the climb to the summit of Mount Batur is 1,700 meters and should take around 2 hours.  Local guides are in abundance and will take you up the summit, the most popular being for the amazing sunrises. The climb itself is rated easy and can be organised from Toya Bungkah village office for the Mount Batur trekking guides, and should cost around 300,000 – 400,000 IDR (barter hard).

Kintamani is located around 1 hour from Ubud, and local buses can be booked for youy trip from any agents in the area and should cost around 100,000 IDR, and slightly more from Kuta and Sanur.

The scenery here is stunning, and there are various souvenir hawkers that will jump on you the moment you arrive. Have your haggling hat on as the sellers of Kintamani are notorious, but have some souvenirs that aren’t in every shop in town, so barter hard for a bargain gift.