From it’s capital and bustling metropolis Kuala Lumpur to high-tech Singapore and to Penang and it’s Islands, Malaysia’s diverse make-up of an intertwined culture from it’s neighbour’s that brings with it’s culinary delights from different country’s and regions, to the bright stand-out mosques and temples of it’s ethnic communities, this destination will bring you many rewards and memories that will last a lifetime.

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From the jungles of Borneo to Penang’s UNESCO world heritage site Georgetown and it’s famous street art, onto KL’s skyscrapers and high-rised concrete mayhem, this country has one thing that everybody visits for, and that is food heaven. With it’s mixed heritage of nationalities from across the globe, the fusion of Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine served up in a Malaysian style with satisfy the most diverse pallet.

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With a VOA (visa on arrival) of 3 months, this will give you plenty of time to visit most cities and island hop between Penang and the resort island of Pangkor and neighbouring Pangkor Laut and Talang Island. From Penang you can catch a ferry or fly to Langkawi, where you can cross over to Satun in Southern Thailand to extend your journey.