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Location independence for £400 a month in Goa

There are numerous countries around the globe that you could base yourself to live an independent lifestyle. We have travelled extensively to find a location that’s affordable, safe and above all, value for money, and believe that Goa could fulfil this ambition, especially South Goa towards the area of Palolem and Patnem, and are located one hour and 30 minutes from Dabolin airport.

goa nov 14 032

We have researched this area and believe for 6 months of the year from November to April, there isn’t a better location to set up a base, and being  just a one hour flight from Mumbai airport and with flights costing around £20 pounds, you will be hard pressed to find a better alternative.

goa march 2015 059

Palolem – A great base and a central location

The cost involved could give you the time-out you need to have six months to spend on unfinished projects that you’ve been sitting on for years, be it a writing retreat for that unfinished novel, a keep fit regime in glorious weather along palm fringed beaches, an instrument you’ve wanted to learn, or as a base to explore India. All this is possible on the budget mentioned.


With the peak season being around the holiday period of December and January, it’s wise to organise in advance of this period a base that you can rent long-term, and the earlier you arrive the more options will be available.

Beach shacks can be had from £3 per night, and with some bartering over the price and length of stay, can work out as a very cheap option. With various options of shacks available, it’s best to check out what’s on offer, and grab a bargain and put in the leg work around an area that you can see yourself staying.

goa april 2015 017

Patnem beach, another alternative

Houses are advertised locally, and asking around in restaurants, bars, and even locals in the street can point you in right direction to securing a small house. You can estimate costs in the region of £100 – £150 a month for something off the beach and with a few more home comforts than a beach shack for your stay. Internet is sometimes included in the price, and the earlier you can get here will give you more options.


If you’re eating out more often than cooking yourself, then your budget will be slightly higher, but is still inexpensive.  Here’s a quick run down of daily costs.

carmona beach takeaway

Breakfast with a chai tea and varying options of fried egg or omelette rolls and a take-away lunch of samosa’s for a couple can come in at around £1.20, and adding 6 litres of water will bring your costs to about £2 per day. Add in some fruit, and a  few ginger, lemon & honey tea’s along the beach for around £1.20,  and an evening meal for 2 with a couple of drinks each around 300-500 rupees,  and your total would be in the region of £5-£8 per day. Even in holiday mode we would only spend around £15 per day and that was having anything we wanted, obviously this would change if you was based long-term, and could easily be halved if you’re wise with your money.

food colomb bay

Masala Papad’s- rolled are very nice

Just by shopping for a few essential and to do-it yourself for a few meals and drinks will save on eating out each month and will cut your costs considerably, and having a few more rupee’s to do with as you please, be it trips into town, or some essential items you require. We have heard and read of others doing this for around £200 per month including accommodation. I wish I had that type of will power.

goa april 2015 020

But as said previously, it’s all about what you want to get out of the experience, as these figures are very do-able, and it all relates to your persona. If you can live within a budget like these figures suggest, then there are always other ways that these costs can be reduced. It’s best to try and have a look before you commit, as it’s not for every one, but on the other hand, maybe just what someone has been looking for all their life – only you can decide.

Sunset Patnem Beach

Sunset Patnem Beach

Obviously, one way you can also cut costs is by taking some entertainment with you for your stay in the form of a kindle, MP3 player, laptop and external hard drive for films and documentaries, and your favourite box sets you haven’t caught up on yet. Not that going out is expensive, as we have had movie nights at a few restaurants where they show the latest blockbuster whilst eating a Pad Thai with a couple of beers for 2 for about £4. There are also nightly entertainment options, and one we visited was at an open-mike event where musicians have congregated from across the region to entertain at a local venue. The entrance is free and we arrived at 8pm and left at 1am, and cost around 700 rupees (£7). Even though I had consumed a few beers, it still wasn’t enough to get me up to perform, especially as I’m not rock star material and get worse on the guitar after a few.

goa april 2015 053

If you require more details, then please drop us a line and we will be glad to answer any questions you have about South Goa.






  1. Love Palolem, been their twice, you’re making me jealous seeing your pictures. Nice article and info. When are you returning to India?

  2. I want to be on that beach at Patnem, I may take the boat out for some fishing. Looks great!

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