Langkawi, also known as the Jewel of Kedah is situated 18 miles off the northwest coast of Malaysia, and is part of the archipelago of over a hundred islands.  It’s the largest island of the group and has many tourist attractions to draw in the crowds from nearby Penang and the mainland, one being the duty free shopping.

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Langkawi Eagle at Eagle square

We caught a ferry to Langkawi from Penang and arrived at Kuah Jetty, where once reunited with our packs made our way to the Eagle monument at Dataran Helang at Eagle Square which is a 3 minute stroll with backpacks and dam hot over the foot bridge. As legend has it, Langkawi’s name may well originate from the Malay word for eagle being  “helang” and kawi which is a local red stone.  No idea’s but answers on a postcard are welcome.

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As we had scooted past all the taxi touts on leaving Kuah Jetty’s terminal as we headed for a wander around the eagle monument, we trekked along the road and came across the Lagenda park, which I imagaine is missed by all but mad Englishmen out in the midday sun, as we were the only souls in the vicinity. We got these couple of photos and awaited a dodgy taxi driver. This took all of 5 minutes and sure enough a guy in a car stopped, fees negotiated and agreed and we were on our way to Pantai Cenang beach about 30 minutes away and with costs of around a Lady Godiva ( around a £5 or 30 MR)


Legenda park

We were staying at Pantai Cenang , which apart from the beach and duty free outlets, is also home to underwater world, and within easy reach of our main destination of the sky bridge. The main street has the normal offering of food outlets and cheap clothes stores, and also tour operators and travel agents for onward travels – shop around as prices vary especially for the onward boat journeys to the Mainland and Thailand.

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Pantai Cenang beach Langkawi

At the beach there are a few restaurants and beach bars and the normal selection of water-sports and diving centres on offer if that’s your thing. It has a very relaxed vibe so not a partying destination by any means, but the beers cheap and cold so that’s a bonus.