Arriving into Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport, your first port of call geographically should be a visit to Kuta.  Being set 4 km’s and about a 15 minute taxi for 3-4 pounds, it’s resort is set along the beaches of Pantai Kuta, and running through to Legian and further afield to double-six beach at Seminyak. 

Pantai Kuta Beach Bali Indonesia

Kuta was a small fishing village before being an  internationally reknown tourist destination, and was visited for it’s breaking waves by early surfers to the area in the 1970’s. As the lyrics to the popular song goes, “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot” seems to hit home here, and many world franchises are set up here from McDonald’s to Costa Coffee, which takes away the Balinese and Indonsesian way of life for the local people, and pushes the prices up with 5 star resorts and shopping complexes that dominate the area.

Pantai Kuta beach entrance Bali Indonesia

In 2011, the Balinese government built a wall of 2-3 metres in height along the beach road to stop the sand blowing from the beaches that line the main road where these restaurant are based, and kills the view to the stunning beaches based here if thats where you’re sitting, a strange decision.

Pantai Kuta beach sign

Walking around this area you’ll notice that it’s overflowing with tourist tut and t-shirt shops. I don’t know how any make money selling the same stuff all along and most were empty, hence being  jumped upon by many a vendor as we explored the streets around this neck of the woods. The main drag along the beach road houses the many hotels and boutique resorts that dominate this patch, but head inland through various cut-through’s brings you to where the action is mostly based at night-fall, JL. Legian Kaja street.

Bali bombing memorial Kuta Indonsesia

It’s here that you will see the memorial for the atrocities caused by the Bali bombing in 2002 killing 202, and is a fitting tribute to those who lost their life. It has a marble plaque bearing the names and nationalities of these and is lit up in the evenings.

Kuta beach monument

As you explore the area, there are plenty of sights to keep you interested as you plod around and seek shade from the ferocious midday sun, with plenty of outlets for water and eateries, there’s something for everyone, and look out for circle K, similar to 7-11 around as prices are cheaper than most outlets.

Pantai Kuta beach temple Bali Indonesia

Overall we enjoyed our visit to Kuta, even though it’s a bit on the touristy side for our liking there was plenty to keep you interested. Taxi’s are metered so no chance of getting ripped off and are reasonably priced for getting around and in abundance, try to get Bluebird as they are the number one choice. Your never more that a few seconds from being asked if you need one day or night.

View of Kuta beach towards Airport Bali

Kuta beach view towards Legian Bali

If your visiting and want any further information then feel free to drop us a line.