Goa’s international airport Dabolim  is located midway of Goa’s North South divide. We have only visited South Goa at present, so the recommendations are only for the Southern region. We will be updating the site once we have explored the northern region at a later date that are in our future plans.

South Goa’s resorts are all similar, but with a different vibe at every one, and exploring and finding where’s right for you is down to personnel choice, but if you browse the different resorts we have listed, you should get a feel for each location, and what’s on offer. From Carmona, and further South to Agonda, you will find an area that suits you.

Cola Beach near Agonda

Cola Beach – South Goa

Getting Around

Taxi fares from the airport are fixed for destinations, and the present rates are around £14 – £18 to Palolem & Patnem, which are about one hour and thirty minutes from the airport.

Do check with the accommodation you are booked into as they will possibly use a local taxi for your arrival and will arrange. If the price is more than this then you may as well take up the fixed price at the airport.

For the return journey you may be able to barter from whichever region you leave from. Depending on the time of season, the balls in your court so use them bartering skills you would have picked up during your stay. Expect to pay £1-2 more if travelling to Galgiabag.

The other option is a train into Margao and connecting buses to your destination. this is the cheapest option, but if there are 2 of you, a taxi is your ideal.

Tuk tuks are freely available and negotiate a price for the destination before you head off. Expect a price increase if it’s after dark and into the early hours. It’s advisable to befriend one and use as a personnel chauffeur, you will get better rates.

South Goa, Tuk tuk

South Goa, Tuk tuk


Within our pages are accommodation choices we have personally stayed at in the resort reviews. We are not affiliated with them in any way, but are great options to book into. You can then check things out on the ground for yourself once you’ve arrived.

The beach shacks are priced  between £4 – £8 a night if that’s your budget. Get out there and pound the sand to bag a bargain. These increase in price around holiday periods so If visiting December and January, it’s advisable to book ahead. All prices are negotiable so always barter unless you’re happy with the deal offered.

Patnem Beach - South Goa

Patnem Beach – South Goa

Some of the popular place to visit are Agonda, Palolem, Patnem and Colomb Bay that are all within 30 minutes of each other. It’s a good place to start if touring this area. These locations are on in our future plans for long term stays of 6 months.