India is a vast destination and with the luxury of a 6 month multiple entry visa, will still take many visits to really appreciate the different regions and hot-spots of backpacking this cultured South Asian delight.

From Mumbai to New Delhi, to the Taj Mahal at Agra to Goa and Kerala in the South, the vastness of getting around is made easier by the reasonable costs for internal flights, and the railway system that covers this huge subcontinent.


The current costs for a 6 month multiple entry visa is around £110, but if you’re only having a short stay then the the 30 day online E-visa at around £38 is your best and cheapest option available at this link. You can apply online up to 30 days before your due arrival date, which makes it an easier process than the 6 month option of having to arrange this before your travels.

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Many long term travelers take the full 6 months visa and hit the beaches of Goa between October to April where costs are still relatively cheap by the West’s standards and you can read more about this opportunity Here.

Please check out our destination guides which we will be updating shortly to cover more regions across India, and for any further information then please drop us a line.