Colomb bay is situated between South Goa’s Palolem and Patnem, and consists of a through road leading down to the beach. There are various restaurants and small shops dotted along the way leading down and round into Patnem Beach.

colomb patnam

View from Colomb bay to Patnem Beach

A couple of places to head for are the Boom Shankar bar and restaurant and Suraj’s restaurant, both with excellent views of the bay and an idyllic outlook for lunch and a few cold ones. The cocktails at the Boom Shankar through happy hour are from 150 rupees (£1.50) and the food there is excellent, with many choices for even the most discerning pallet. Their strawberry Daiquiri’s made with fresh strawberries and ice are the best we have come across.

kingfisher boom shankar

kingfisher @ Boom Shankar

vegetable pakoras Suraj's

vegetable pakoras Suraj’s

Masala Papads Suraj's restaurant

Masala Papads Suraj’s

We were lucky enough in November 2015 to be in Colomb Bay around the time of the Diwali. The festival of lights run for six days in Goa and is an important Hindu festival. The celebration is based on the legend demon Narakasura, who was killed by Lord Krishna. The local kids go around and collect money for their party, and are showing off their hard work of building a demon, that in the evening is set alight and many fire crackers and fireworks are set off.

colomb bay diwali

Colomb Bay diwali

Locals collecting money for their big bash

There are plenty of accommodation options in Colomb Bay and surrounding area’s, from a budget £3 a night for a room based in a locals house, to beach shacks from £3-8 a night depending on time of season. If  you’re planning on staying for the season, £120 -150 should be enough to rent a small house/flat.

Castle house guesthouse

Castle house guesthouse

Castle house Guesthouse

Castle house Guesthouse

A great option when you arrive is Castle House Hotel, which is based just between Palolem and Patnem and for around £18 a night, is a great location to get a feel for the area, and also has a pool and bar/restaurant.. They will also organise Taxi’s for your arrival at Dabolim airport, Goa. You can email them direct or visit their website to book.

castle house 4