Cola beach is situated 7 km from Agonda beach and a short journey of around 20 minutes along the beach road. The last 10 minutes however is along a treacherous, winding, downhill bumpy experience that’s loosely labelled as a road. If going by scooter, it’s best to have decent brakes as the descent is steep in some parts.

All this is worth the prize that awaits the time and effort once you emerge at the bottom, as this hidden gem is a little bit special. The scenery and blue water lagoon, set in it’s scenic and tranquil location is off the beaten track, and not attracting too many visitors, It’s a very special place.

Set on the Arabian sea, the drive down through the coconut groves brings you down to a car park, and after navigating  down the stairs you enter into the Blue restaurant, where you can wander and see the fresh water lagoon, the beach and also have some reasonably price drinks and meals.

The approach through the coconut mangroves

blue Lagoon restaurant

If you are visiting Cabo de Rama fort, then this place is located along the same road so you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone if done  in conjunction with the fort. After 10 minutes from Agonda, look out as you pass a small village for the cola beach sign (easy to miss) on your left hand side with a red gravel forecourt. It’s the only form of life along the road so look out for turning. Follow the red gravel path straight until you navigate around a makeshift roundabout, and just follow the twisting gravel track, which will bring you to the car park after about 10 minutes of downhill descent. This part is full on the brakes if on a scooter but is worth the effort. be it for a light lunch or just a browse around to while away the hours in an idyllic, off the beaten path location.

blue lagoon beach bungalow

There are accommodation options at the blue lagoon resort, and i could very easily stay in one of their bungalows set in this tranquil location. 3 months should do the trick!