Chiang Mai is Thailand’s Second largest City, based in Northern Thailand, and has it’s own International airport, making it easily accessible from various destinations. The “New City” as it’s also known, is divided into 4 sections, all based around the river Ping with sections within it’s walled interior.

IMG_0304 We only had three days in Chiang Mai so we tried to cram in as much as was physically possible. We had an evening at the night market, that seemed to stretch down the road forever and was very busy, and had based ourselves at the Suriwongse Hotel at Loi Kroh Road so we was close to this.

Based central to everything, and a short drive to the airport of 10-15 minutes, was a great location to get around from.  As there is so  much to do and see here,  you will need at least 5 days to try to cram everything in that’s on offer, so with that in mind, and with only 3 days, we got around in local tuk tuk’s, backs of trucks and any other means possible. You will have to prioritise to get what we got out of it. Our visit was in November, and it was still pretty hot, but the evenings cooled down and was able to walk around without looking like we had just emerged from a power shower.

3 kings chaing mai

Three Kings


We had planned on visiting an Elephant  and Tiger sanctuary, and this turned into a whole day excursion, more by accident than an up to the minute itinerary. If you are ever near this location, it’s worth a visit.

Maesa Elephant camp


maesa elephant camp

Maesa Elephant camp

The Maesa Elephant camp is located in the Muang district of Chiang Mai and was founded in 1976.  It’s supported by the Thai Government, and the foundation was initially set up for the welfare of the declining numbers of Elephants in Northern Thailand. The camp has successfully raised and cared for elephants in their nursery for over 30 years and to supplement the daily needs of six tons of food everyday, they also grow napier grass, banana, sugar-cane, and coconut trees in the camp.

dancing elephant

Dancing Elephants


bath time

Bath Time

crap collector

Crap collector







Now everyone has had a bad job they hated, but have you ever had a shit job? This will  make you look at what you do in a different light.

I once had a job in a shoe recycling plant. It was soul destroying. boom boom.

hula hoop

hula hoop

hula hoop 2

hula hoop 2







Tiger Kingdom Mae Rim Chiang Mai

The tiger kingdom is a wildlife reserve based 20 minutes outside of Chiang Mai and is funded by tourism. The tiger population in Thailand is decreasing every year and now has only estimated around 120 tigers in the wild. The Tigers at Tiger Kingdom are hand raised from birth, and used to human bonding throughout it’s upbringing and development process with it’s trainers.


Easy Tiger!