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Sanur Bali Indonesia

Sanur is located in the south-east corner of Bali, Indonesia, based along it’s coastline. It’s long stretch of beach also has a cycle/walking path that follows along the coast for approximately 7 Kilometers. Continue reading

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Travel inspirational movies

Here’s a list of travel inspirational movies to motivate and inspire you to visit destinations around the globe. If you have already read our travel inspirational books post, then these films will give you further idea’s of  exceptional locations.   Continue reading

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Kuta Beach Bali Indonesia

Arriving into Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport, your first port of call geographically should be a visit to Kuta Beach Bali. Located 4 km’s and about a 15 minute taxi ride for 3-4 pounds, it’s resort is set along the beaches of Pantai Kuta. This beach runs through to Legian and further afield to double-six beach at Seminyak.  Continue reading

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Nusa Dua Bali Indonesia

Nusa Dua is in South-East Bali, Indonesia and takes it name from Two small islands. This area is home to some of the worlds top end 5 star hotels including the Grand Hyatt and St Regis that are based here. Exclusivity and secluded beaches are priced accordingly and run into thousands for a 2 week stay.

Continue reading

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Plans for a sustainable life of travel

The countdown begins for a sustainable life of travel and full-time adventurers. We have finally arrived at a decision closely resembling jumping feet first into the abyss, and have definitive plans on selling up our current property later this year.  We will then be relocating and purchasing another property on the south coast of the UK. Continue reading

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Gili Islands Indonesia

The Gili islands are located just over 5 km from Bangsal harbour, Pamenang in North-West Lombok Indonesia. They consist of 3 islands, Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. Continue reading

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Mount Batur Kintamani Bali Indonesia

Mount Batur is based in an area called Kintamani and located in North-East Bali. The collection of small villages of Batur, Kintamani and Penelokan are based at the large basin-shaped crater rim of Batur. Toyo Bungkah village is also at the lakes edge. This area is traditional Balinese and the utmost respect should be shown to the locals, which means dressing and acting appropriate. Continue reading

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Bali Pulina Luwak Coffee Farm

Set 12 km outside of Ubud, the Bali Pulina plantation is based in Tegallalang, Bali. The entrance is free, and you will be greeted by a knowledgeable guide who will show you around the complex. They take you through the processes involved in making the most expensive coffee in the world. Continue reading

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Nusa Lembongan Indonesia

Nusa Lembongan is located 30 minutes and 12 Kilometres off the South East coast of Bali. It’s 8 square kilometres in size and linked to Nusa Ceningan across the famed yellow bridge. The island is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Bali’s main resorts if you’re looking to escape.  Heading off for a day on a tropical paradise will be a welcome break from Kuta’s constant hawkers and persistent sellers.

Continue reading

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The next adventure – Indonesia

We will be embarking on our tour of Indonesia including Bali, the Gili Islands and finally to Lombok. We’re training hard so we can make the summit of Mount Rinjani. We are both looking forward to the break, and will update the blog as we bounce around the different islands we are visiting and will update as we can.

We haven’t ventured to Indonesia before so eyes will be wide open to take everything in and are excited at the prospects of visiting places that’s been on our list forever, and have a feeling that we’re going to be exploring many places that we may call home for a few months every year.

To say we’re not excited is an understatement, and can’t wait to be able to look out on these unbelievable views that reach to the Gili islands and Bali on a clear day, and with our new Go Pro to hand, hope to bring you our experiences as we achieve another goal off our endless to do list. Our future plans to quit our working lives and to be able to travel sustainably are forever coming closer (watch this space) and we will endeavor to bring you an insight into these beautiful lands through our eyes, that will hopefully give you some inspiration to get out and see these amazing places.

The Gili Islands Indonesia

The Gili Islands Indonesia

Onward Travel

Bali is ideally located for direct flights to Lombok or further afield to Australia. We use Skyscanner for all our flights. You’re only a short boat ride from the Gili Islands that you can read Here for further information. Another trip to Nusa Lembongan should also be on your radar.

Check out these posts for further things to do – Tegalalang rice terraces & Mount Batur

If your visiting Bali and want any further information then feel free to drop us a line.

Happy travels on your Global Gallivants!

Safe travels are top of our list during this adventure and we will be taking out travel insurance to cover all eventualities during our time on the road. Check out World Nomads below for a quote for your upcoming travels.

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