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The next chapter – new beginnings

The next chapter of our travel plans. Well…as I thought, the recovery from my foot operation has been over 4 months plus now, giving me plenty of time on my hands to come to the conclusion that day time TV sucks just as much as the evening! Continue reading

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Happy New Year and safe & happy travels for 2019

Just a quick thanks to our followers and first time browsers that come through our blog through 2018. We should be giving you an update soon on our upcoming travels for 2019 as the escape plan is well underway. Keep following for up-to-date info on our plans for this years epic journey. I’m hoping it inspires more folk to get out & travel more especially as our own plans have been delayed due to my operation recovery and every plan can be adapted.

On the upside, We’ve bounced back with more plans than first realised so hey, get up from the small things and head for the bigger goals you all have. This has given myself more time to research more additions to an already awesome itinerary and all will be revealed shortly. Rest assured, it’s worth the wait.

Angkor Wat Sunrise Cambodia
Angkor Wat Sunrise

All the best for 2019 and that all your travel plans come true. There are still some epic places out there to explore that keeps our dreams alive, and to go above & beyond in reaching your goals that you’re capable of.

Travel insurance

With long-term travel, it’s always a good idea to ensure all eventualities are covered. We use World Nomads travel insurance in case of any mishaps and emergencies. Get a quote in the below link from World Nomads .

Happy travels on your Global Gallivants

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Escaping the 9 to 5 routine

Escaping the 9 to 5 routine. We have all woken up with that feeling when you would rather be anywhere else in the world than starting out on the grind of a Monday morning for that commute to work. Once there you’re stuck behind a screen with the normal array of emails and spreadsheets to look forward to once your day begins. Continue reading

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Travel plans update – Gallivants Journal

Our travel plans for our upcoming adventures are our priority most days as our departure date is ever getting closer. We’ve had our house valued and we’re just awaiting my operation date for a minor foot complaint. Continue reading

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The genetic traveler within – travelling the Globe

My makeup always had the genetic traveler within and I’ve been travelling on a journey all my life. The earliest memories are of being selected from my school in 1982 for a youth exchange program to Grenada at 16. This trip also included Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and other Islands around the West Indies. Continue reading

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Out with the old, in with the new Cyprus

Returning to Larnaca in Cyprus after over a decade away was always going to bring to the surface fond memories of this divided island. Continue reading

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How to get to Railay Beach – Krabi Province Thailand

Railay beach is nestled between Ao Nang and the town of Krabi in Southern Thailand. Set on a small peninsula, It’s surrounded by limestone cliffs and cut off from the mainland. It’s only accessible from the Andaman Sea by boat. Rai Leh as it’s also known is a big attractions for rock climbers from around the globe.  Continue reading

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Angkor Wat essential travel guide

Any visit to the Unesco world heritage site of Angkor Wat in Cambodia will be a magical and mind-blowing experience. The below essential travel guide for first time visitors will ensure you have a great adventure and hit the road running and avoiding any pitfalls along the way. Continue reading

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Top tips to find cheap flights around the globe.

So after many hours of searching for cheap flights to your next destination, worryingly they’re dam expensive. Fear not, as these few tips may be able to save you a few pounds or dollars that can be spent elsewhere for that all important cold one. Continue reading

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Our favourite South Goa Beaches

This guide of our favorite South Goa Beaches will help you decide where to visit in Goa. South Goa in India has some amazing beaches for you to explore and should be at the top of any visit to India. These resorts should give you ideas for your next trip.  Continue reading

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