If you’re heading out to Cambodia to visit Angkor Wat,  there’s a good chance you will be based in and around Siem Reap. If you are looking to arrange a Tuk Tuk driver and guide that will take you around all the sites, arrange airport pick ups and drop offs, or custom made itinerary’s, then look no further than paying a visit to a great informative website at  Angkor Tuk Tuk.

Pub Street Siem Reap

The website is run by Leonard from Amsterdam, and he can organise all your tour requirements before your arrival in Cambodia, and can accommodate anything from the most popular touring routes around the small circuit, the grand circuit, or various trips around the sights within Siem Reap. You can message Leonard for further details on his contact page here.

Our chariot awaits

Having used the services of Angkor Tuk Tuk personally, I can definitely give it a big “thumbs up”. Our schedule was pre-arranged before our visit,  and it gave us plenty of time to take in the sights of our surroundings and enjoy the Angkor Wat complex. Our carriage was ridden by our driver Savuth who comes highly recommended, and has a wealth of knowledge of when to visit all the major sites, meeting points for the well populated sunrise tours, and an ample supply of cold refreshments to hand on board. He was also able to provide plenty of free air conditioning when he pulled back the throttle 🙂

You will be able to take in all the sights and sounds as you are ridden throughout the temple complex, and is a different angle on an air-conditioned car or on the back of a scooter. Prices vary on each tour, but are very reasonable and won’t break the bank, and a full price list can be obtained from the site Angkor Tuk Tuk.